Cahill Building Group

Founded in 2011 by a trio of brothers on the Mornington Peninsula, Cahill Building Group have built a solid reputation for creating boutique and luxurious high end homes with a point of difference. Driven to provide the best product available in the area, Cahill Building Group collaborate with architects and interior designers to create memorable homes that are low maintenance and functional with the highest comfort level, quality craftsmanship and luxurious finishes. Redefining the residential landscape on the Mornington Peninsula, Cahill Building Group’s homes are keenly sought for their design, liveability, high specification interiors and prime locations.


Our Team

Jonathon Cahill

Project Manager 

The founding member of Cahill Building Group, Jonathan has built the business from the ground up. Starting his career as a carpenter and now a registered builder, Jonathan has an innate understanding of every step of the building and development process from the initial design to the final details. Inspired by high end design and creating timeless and unique homes, Jonathan has earnt his impressive reputation in the industry.


Steven Cahill

Development & Sales Manager

As Development Manager at Cahill Building Group, Steven is responsible for the lifecycle of the project from the initial design concept through to construction, sales and marketing. Highly respected in the industry, Steven has built solid and successful relationships with architects, interior designers and real estate agents forming a formidable team of professionals focused on delivering the best possible product.


Tom Cahill

Construction Manager

The face of the business on site, Tom has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience as a carpenter and registered builder. Over the years, Tom has built loyal connections with trade specialists and contractors. As a result, Tom ensures Cahill Building Group only works with the best of the best to achieve the exceptional quality they are known for. Tom also oversees a team of passionate carpenters and supervisors, all of whom complete the team.

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